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3 St Andrews Street, Brechin
Lodge St Ninian’s 66
This is an extract taken from the first Two pages from the Hairy Book book;- “At Brechine (Brechin) on the twenty-seventh day of December, 1714 years being the anniversary of the Holy Apostle St. John, the following ordinances and acts were unanimously agreed to by the haill (whole) members of the Mason Craft of the honourable Body of Brethren subscribing this oblidgement hereto subjoined.” The above paragraph appears on the opening page of the first minute book (the Hairy Book) dated 27th December 1714. Then follows what appears to be a revision of the Bye-laws;- “It is hereby enacted and ordained that everyone who shall enter himself to this Lodge at his entry pay in to the Treasurer for the common use and behalf of the Fraternaity the sum of Forty Shillings Scots money.” Then follows a list of penalties for various acts of omission and commission, one being that;- “It is stated and ordained that every member of this lodge who shall enter into the Holy Bond of Matrimony shall pay into the box the sum of one shilling sterling money” Another of the Bye Laws which we feel might with advantage be quoted, reads as follows;- “It is stated and ordained that every member of this Lodge duly and strictly attend upon St John’s Day yearly for the commemorating the Apostle, our Patron Saint, and on the penalty  of forty shillings to be payed by each absentee unless away out of the country and not within sixteen miles of the Lodge” Other interesting Bye Laws are as follows;- “A stranger Mason - to join our fraternity shall for their encouragement pay 20 shillings Scots to the box, always after satisfying the company” “Mark fee. To enter his mark in the book a brother paid 13 shillings and four pennies Scots” “Every member - at his passing - to pay to the box two shilling starling money in the presence of Master Warden and sevin members. Contraveener to pay ten shillings fine. “No person to witness entrie (entry) or passing unles dues are up to date. Penalty ten shilling Sterling."
Lodge St Ninians 66 Founded 1714 Chartered 1756